Catering para eventos deportivos


El equipo compuesto por los cocineros Luis y Jesús Alvarado y la nutricionista Mónica Umaña, ofrece servicio de catering para eventos deportivos.

El equipo se encarga de planear el menú basado en las necesidades de los atletas, elaborar la lista de compras, realizar los pedidos, montar el área de alimentación, preparar y servir los alimentos bajo estrictos estándares de higiene.


El equipo integrado en el 2005, cuenta con experiencia en los siguientes eventos:

• The Coastal Challenge:
• The Coastal Experiences:

Contáctenos si desea más información o para contratar nuestros servicios e Catering a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Comentarios de participantes y staff del Coastal Challenge 2007

"The food was great and you looked after me very well. I thank you for everything you did for me"

Jason Rita -vegan runner-

"The food and all you did was amazing! I have been telling so many people back here that we were so impressed with the quality and quantity and the flavours of everything! Such an impressive task to take on, and your team was so wonderful to work with!"

Mairin Viol

"Congratulations! The food was excellent in both selection and taste as well as for what is needed for a race environment (I´m no expert, but i give my opinion anyhow). It is impressive what you accomplished considering the difficult conditions for establishing a new kitchen each day. All worked well. Saludos,"

Pedro Spiller

"The cooks did a great job, haven´t seen food prepared in such sparten situations since my days in the military, well done!"

Gary Cambridge

"Food was excellent again (I did it the first year, not the second year). Thanks - well done... "

Jim Mandelli

"The food and staff were excellent. I can not believe we ate that well under the conditions that you had at some of the camps. I commend you and your workers, you were certainly a large part of an enjoyable event. Thanks,"

Al Haner

"I thoght the food was excellent. You do a great job! Thanks"

Mark Hartinger

"Great job at TCC both in the food dept The quality and quantity of food this year was so much better this year versus last. Much more like the awesome grub in the first year."

Stefani Jackenthal

"I think you have done an excellent job preparing meals for us, particularly under the conditions which you were faced with. The wind had to have been a real challenge- At least we didn´t have rain, too. As for the menu, I can´t think of any significant changes that would have made it better. Sure, there are probably some foods that each of us, personally would have liked to have had -maybe more of Costa Rica´s delicious fruits and perhaphs some orange juice for breakfast, but really, everything was great. A sincere thanks to you and all of your staff.  Best regards,"

Jay Norman

"I would have to say, overall the food was good. I really enjoyed the salads that were available most evenings. Thank you, Tanya Meeth Thank you to you and the rest of your hard working team for all you did to feed us the many thousands of calories we each needed every day. Your hard work is most appreciated. Meghan Hicks Hola Monica, it was good to see you also. This was my third year at TCC, and the food has improved every year. I personally enjoyed it this year. I thought it was a good mix if you were an athlete or if you didn´t need as many calories, like me."

Nurse Katherine

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